PAGE1Romeo's in the ghetto
PAGE2All women sooth my sadness
PAGE3I tripped over a pair of wooden shoes on the way to the Himalayas
PAGE4She's there in every smile I see
PAGE5Her smile makes angels sing
PAGE6A spring blossom
PAGE7Night fight from Bali to Vienna
PAGE8A girl with wings
PAGE9I pursued her and wanted her alone
PAGE10Puella aeterna
PAGE11Philistine murmurs
PAGE12She walks like Charlie and smiles like Lisa
PAGE13Venus in drag
PAGE14We only slept together a couple of times
PAGE15Words impaled on slippery tongues
PAGE16Dutch girl
PAGE17Painting with a feather and a switchblade
PAGE18A penetrating look
PAGE19I am for you
PAGE20Of love and wisdom
PAGE21You stood on the balcony looking down on the city
PAGE22Her kiss
PAGE23A suicide of affection
PAGE24Under the rainbow
PAGE25A moment of
PAGE26Rough Raw and Ready
PAGE27Paris poem
PAGE28Warrior's repose
PAGE29May flowers
PAGE30Oh god!
PAGE31Elephant hills
PAGE32Unrequited love
PAGE33Floating underwater through the gulf of Siam
PAGE34I awoke with the Eifel tower through my chest
PAGE35The tragic romantic
PAGE36Fix me
PAGE37Shakespeare & company bookstore
PAGE38My romance
PAGE39They shoot horses don't they
PAGE40A meditation on loneliness
PAGE41Has Bob Dylan made apathy hip
PAGE42A smile as crisp as the glow of broken glass
PAGE43Greetings from wherever you're at
PAGE44Riffing and Ripping "time of the assasins" by Henry Miller
PAGE45Licking at the heels of false idols
PAGE47Larry Mo and Curly do the Euro-tango
PAGE48Song for bull Lee
PAGE49Almost live on dead artist weekend
PAGE50Bless them for they know not what they do
PAGE51The last punk rocker
PAGE52Roses in the snow
PAGE53Corrupt angels
PAGE54Open veins
PAGE55Long shadows short light
PAGE56The anonymous page
PAGE57All poem is

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